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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Viveka. I’m a little, shiny girl. I have traveled far and wide, inside and outside of the world. I have come to tell you the things I’ve seen and learned. I love people, animals and trees, toys and all children's stuff. I rarely cry or shout but I have a loud laugh.

Join me on my journey by reading my books, where we can meet and learn together about the beautiful world.

How I came to life?

I was so eager to share the things I have learned with other children. On one tuesday afternoon I found Željka and I told her my story and everything I have seen and learned. Željka wrote it all down and the first story for the book was ready. But, Željka still needed to find someone who will make me as I am now. Then, on one sunny day she met Kika and told her all about me. Kika was very excited and immediately ran to the store to buy some clay. On that same sunny day I was born!

Who made me?

I told you already that Željka and Kika made me. They both live in Zagreb, Croatia.

Željka is 36 and mum of a five year old Nikola, who inspired her to write for children. She is experienced Graphic designer currently working as a freelancer. Here you can see her work. She loves practicing and teaching Yoga, walking her dog Luna and playing with Nikola.

Kika is 29. She is a clay modeler; she designs jewelry and makes personal portraits out of clay. Here you can see her work. She is passionate about yoga and works as a yoga teacher as well.

Who I would like to thank

Thanks to Lana Hudečak, Nenad Patrun, Ana Vrkić-Smirčić, Nikolina Mišur, Bernarda Svilov, Goran Miletić, Anđa Križanac, Biserka Majnarić, Biserka Međimurec, Simona Goldstein, Ivanka Vanjak, Ivanka Stričev, Josip Maslać, Darije Juraj and Filip Patčev.

Thanks to all!